Skiing is a dynamic sport that offers you a unique natural experience, physical challenge, and the sensation of freedom and speed – all without feeling like a strenuous workout.



The history of the "Skiteufel" is closely intertwined with the picturesque Gasteinertal and dates back to 1957. Back then, brave ski instructors and their students ventured into daring descents, be it the barreling down the Graukogel Run or the conquering wild, ungroomed routes from Stubnerkogel to Angertal.


In 2013, we revamped the "Skiteufel" to meet modern standards and provide versatile all-round skiers with the opportunity to pursue it safely.




Our mission is to reignite the passion for alpine skiing and derive pure joy from each and every turn. Our expertise lies in perfecting your skiing skills.

The coveted Skiteufel Award marks the pinnacle of a weekend course that celebrates not only skiing but also the shared experiences in the mountains, amidst nature, and engaging in sports activities.

Our courses are flexible and cater to all skill levels of youths, senior athletes, and even corporate groups (see offers).


Choose your motto:


"No Race, no Fun"




"No Race, just Fun"



Achieving the Skiteufel Award is the proud culmination of our program, a matter of honor for adventurers in Gastein.


A Skiteufel masters the giant slalom on our specially prepared Schlossalm slope since fast carving turns form the foundation of competitive skiing.


The ultimate feat in skiing is the long and secure descent, where physical endurance and precise skiing seamlessly meld together. This challenge is just as crucial as mastering graceful turns and an integral part of the Skiteufel Award.

We warmly welcome all-around skiers who maintain a contemporary on-piste style, embrace the challenge of demanding mogul slopes, and relish exploring the mountain world beyond the groomed trails. Welcome to the Skiteufels!